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Ya byl Sputnikom Solntsa

Ya byl Sputnikom Solntsa (1959) Movie Poster
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Soviet Union  •    •  66m  •    •  Directed by: Viktor Morgenstern.  •  Starring: Pavel Makhotin, Vladimir Yemelyanov, Georgiy Shamshurin, Anatoliy Shamshurin, Konstantin Erofeev, Pavel Samarin, Nadezhda Vishnevskaya, Georgiy Vitsin, Konstantin Nemolyayev, Vladimir Seleznyov, Nikolai Timofeyev, Feliks Yavorsky.  •  Music by: Andrey Sevastyanov.
The first manned trip to the space is - of course - a big success of a soviet science. The movie shows in detail the tremendous work with the preparation of the flight. In the key scene of the film the astronaut Andrei must make a difficult choice. Will he go home from the space and leave the robotic probe packed with priceless information behind or send the probe to Earth and thus sacrifice his own life on altar of the scientific progress of the mankind?


Image from: Ya byl Sputnikom Solntsa (1959)
Image from: Ya byl Sputnikom Solntsa (1959)
Image from: Ya byl Sputnikom Solntsa (1959)
Image from: Ya byl Sputnikom Solntsa (1959)
More melodrama than Sci-Fi, rather propaganda than melodrama. The film has its cinema roots in Fritz Lang's "Frau I'm Mond" (as for design and special effects) and literature ground at books of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovskii (with mad faith in great space future of mankind). Characters are shown very schematic and action is very poor. Scenario courses are at placard style too. Funny animation like educational school type of movies. Collors are powerful and very impressive. With little dark romantic atmosphere. Symphony music score is over-dramatic. But of cause will be happy-end. See very popular soviet comic Georgiy Michailovich Vitsin as serious scientific engineer.

Review by Vasilii Naidionoff [IMDB 29 September 2006] from the Internet Movie Database.