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Wormtooth Nation

Wormtooth Nation (2008) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  84m  •    •  Directed by: Geoff Boothby.  •  Starring: Benjamin Estey, Elizabeth Hughes, David J. Murphy, Steve Pappin, Brendan Thomas, Matt Ticciati, Helena-Grace Treadwell, Ted Walker, Steve White.  •  Music by: David J. Murphy.
    A nine episode steampunk web-series-turned-feature film, Wormtooth Nation is the story of people trapped in an underground city and trying to find the surface, but continually loosing their memories.


I saw this movie as an entire at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival and I thought that it was great. It was about this guy named Sam who lives in this underground city and he's unable to find the surface. But, how can he find the surface when he keeps losing his memory? This movie goes back and forth between the past and present and within each character. The shots of the darkness and the mystery of what's going on are incredible. The music is awesome and I love how the story unravels itself as we go along. If I had known it was a web series I would have watched it but I was grateful that I could see this movie in it's entire. The relationships between the characters are perfect and well thought out. I spent a wonderful morning seeing this film. It should be watched by more people.

Review by tamimarie228 from the Internet Movie Database.