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Project Nightmare

Project Nightmare (1987) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  74m  •    •  Directed by: Donald M. Jones.  •  Starring: Charles Miller, Seth Foster, Elly Koslo, Harry Melching, LeRoy Hughes, Jeff Braun, Lance Dickson, Kathleen Lane, David Constantine..
     Two men find themselfes in a deserted area without knowing how they got there and are persued by an unknown force. They soon discover that a secret government experiment is responsible for their situation.


Image from: Project Nightmare (1987)
Image from: Project Nightmare (1987)
Image from: Project Nightmare (1987)
Image from: Project Nightmare (1987)
Laid-back Jon (amiable Seth Foster) and his more high-strung buddy Gus (a solid performance by Charles Miller) find themselves being hounded by a strange force in a deserted woodland area. They seek shelter at a cabin owned by the friendly Marcie (an appealing portrayal by Elly Koslo) as well as eventually discover that they are unwilling participants in a secret government experiment.

Director Donald M. Jones, who also co-wrote the compelling script with James C. Lane, relates the intriguing offbeat story at a steady pace, makes nice use of the remote sylvan locations, draws the two main characters with depth, and ably crafts an absorbing enigmatic atmosphere. The pretty polished cinematography by Jones presents lots of striking surreal images while the low-fi (not so) special effects possess a certain funky dimestore charm. Although a tad slow and often perplexing, this genuinely bizarre outing is still worth a watch just the same.

Review by Woodyanders from the Internet Movie Database.