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X-treme Teens

X-treme Teens (1999) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  93m  •    •  Directed by: Jeff Burr.  •  Starring: Bryan Neal, Dara Hollingsworth, Dennis Haskins, Eric Jungmann, Dan Zukovic, Andrew Prine, Timothy Bottoms, Julian Swan, Alex Shiglie, Jeff Burr, Dan Fintescu, Toma Danila, Ion Bechet.  •  Music by: Dennis Smith.
     Not long after Andy discovers a special pair of powerful glasses, he is approached by aliens who need his help in to retrieve a lost item that, in the wrong hands, could destroy the Earth.


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Image from: X-treme Teens (1999)
Image from: X-treme Teens (1999)
Image from: X-treme Teens (1999)
Watchable family film from Full Moon youngsters label 'Pulsepounders'. This one has an irritating lead (Bryan Neal) as Andy, a teenager who is tasked by Aliens with helping them complete a mission to collect a 'crash-landed probe' before it self destructs. There is a bad guy (played by 'Saved By the Bell's' Mr Balding - Dennis Haskins) and a pair of X-ray glasses everybody wants (though the X-ray seems to be in-fa-red and not the seeing through clothes type that so many movies have covered). Rising star Eric Jungmann as Andy's friend Sam is not a great actor and Timothy Bottoms isn't in it much. The script is rubbish, example "I'm not just a loser, I'm a big suck loser". Director Jeff Burr made many Full Moon films and appears briefly in this one.

Review by barnthebarn from the Internet Movie Database.