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Paris N'Existe Pas

Paris N'Existe Pas (1969) Movie Poster
France  •    •  100m  •    •  Directed by: Robert Benayoun.  •  Starring: Danièle Gaubert, Serge Gainsbourg, Richard Leduc, Denise Péron, Henri Déus, Gregori Chmara, Jean Lescot, Madeleine Damien, Roger Lumont, Maurice Bénichou, Sonia Saviange, Dennis Berry, Christian Van Cau.  •  Music by: Serge Gainsbourg.
      An artist attending a party smokes some dope and develops the ability to see into the future and the past. He returns to his apartment where he sees the vision of a woman who had lived there 30 years ago. A friend tries to convince him it is his heightened sensitively as an artist that allows for the newfound abilities, but he soon has psychedelic hallucinations and his abilities increase with time.


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To write that "Paris N'Existe Pas" is not for all tastes is to state the obvious.Robert Benayoun was a critic and he made only two movies where his fondness for surrealism shows.

Acting is very amateurish and shows once more that,while a brilliant singersongwriter ,Serge Gainsbourg was a poor actor:he appears in a supporting part ,exchanging a few fortune -cookie philosophies with the hero ,proving that there is a tenuous line between past and future . There's a very loose screenplay,in the grand tradition of the post Nouvelle Vague,there're hints at drugs and a lot of telekinesis (is it real?) and even a sentence borrowed from the great writer Jorge Luis Borges as a conclusion(?).There is the obligatory "psychedelic" trick ,which was a sign of the times:Bowman's journey in "2001",Dunning's "Yellow submarine" and even in France Clouzot's "La Prisonnière" featured this kind of trip.

People who like Rivette's stuff can have a look;the others can take to their heels.

Review by dbdumonteil from the Internet Movie Database.