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Rage - Fuoco Incrociato

Rage - Fuoco Incrociato (1984) Movie Poster
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Italy / Spain  •    •  91m  •    •  Directed by: Tonino Ricci.  •  Starring: Bruno Minniti, Stelio Candelli, Werner Pochath, Taida Urruzola, Cris Huerta, Lola Bayo, Ann Karen, Joaquín Parra, Anna Karin, Ottaviano Dell'Acqua, Gianluca Petrazzi, Riccardo Petrazzi, Renzo Pevarello.  •  Music by: Stelvio Cipriani.
       In a post-apocalyptic world, a soldier of fortune enters "The Forbidden Land" to find uranium that will help save mankind. However, a rival adventurer is also after the uranium, but for his own ends.


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Image from: Rage - Fuoco Incrociato (1984)
Image from: Rage - Fuoco Incrociato (1984)
Image from: Rage - Fuoco Incrociato (1984)
Image from: Rage - Fuoco Incrociato (1984)
Image from: Rage - Fuoco Incrociato (1984)
Image from: Rage - Fuoco Incrociato (1984)
Tonino Ricci follows up his cheese classic RUSH THE ASSASSIN with RAGE, a movie that is just as cheesy if not more so! Now RUSH wasn't exactly what you would call a "big budget" movie but RAGE has half of its predecessor's budget, if that! Thankfully Ricci never lets lack of money get in the way of making a crowd-pleasing movie and this is no exception. For all fans of Italian trash I would say that this pair of post-apocalyptic epics are a must-see! Once again Conrad Nicols returns in the leading role, and despite a name change, a new hairstyle and a new black vest, he's still an all-round hero and indestructible guy.

After what seems like an age of stock footage showing various nuclear explosions, RAGE begins proper with what seems like a re-run of the first film's opening scene. In fact I'm sure it's the same set! A group of soldiers search through a series of abandoned buildings in search of Rage, who is of course kicking their backsides big time. Then again, it's not much of a challenge, as these soldiers must be some of the dumbest I've ever seen! Example: they break and climb through a window when a door is right next to it! Talk about making work for yourself! After seeing a dozen corpses inside the doorway, the soldier's leader says "be careful now - he's armed!". Now he's one to state the obvious.

Despite his gung ho tactics, Rage once again ends up being captured and taken to the soldier's base. Along the way they stop in what looks like a quarry and are attacked by a band of roaming cut-throats, leading to a small shoot-em-up scene packed with shots of people pole-vaulting over sand dunes! After this they make their way through some dry ice which is apparently the "radioactive zone", and are forced to wear masks. You've got to laugh at the soldier who decides to take his off and chokes to death! Rage is taken to the leader, a Burt Reynolds lookalike who asks him to help mankind by travelling to the Alpha Base and locating life-restoring stores of Uranium. Being a good chap Rage complies soon enough.

Assembling a rag-tag bunch, Rage makes his way by jeep into the uncharted territory. Accompanying him are the tough soldier leader, an overweight electronics expert guy who packs a mean punch and, of course, an Italian female beauty for glamour's sake. Here the fun begins. Rage and his team discover a cheesy disco (!), are menaced by a "magnetic hurricane", a no-budget landslide (which consists of a few pebbles rolling down a hill, accompanied by the camera shaking) and an attack by fur-clad primitives played out to some jolly '80s music! Of course, it wouldn't be a MAD MAX 2 rip-off without the chases, and Rage and his team are followed by a gang of bizarrely-fashioned misfits, lead by a guy who looks like an old hippy. Some guys follow on BMX bikes! After reaching the base, finding it empty apart from some seeds and a Bible, and accidentally destroying it, Rage escapes by train as the following gang close in. The finale is a direct rip-off of the chase from MAD MAX 2 as the bad guys board the train, lots of bullets are spent and loads of vehicles explode. Suffice to say it's highly entertaining and hilarious to watch.

You have to admire Ricci. He doesn't have the budget to blow up moving vehicles so intersperses scenes of people throwing grenades with shots of stationery (probably hollow) vehicles exploding in the desert. Not only once does he do this once but about half a dozen times. Protective clothing has gone up in the world too; instead of the cling-film in the first film we now have plastic sheeting as a way of blocking radiation. There are lots of weird and unexplained bits in this movie, like the radioactive man who appears to gurn at the lady and then runs off into the night.

Review by Leofwine_draca from the Internet Movie Database.