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Norman (2016) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Joel Guelzo.  •  Starring: Alex Miller, Jerry Chesser, Michael Wrape, Melissa Yowell, Meme Hussey, Stephen Birge.  •  Music by: Daniel Ciurlizza.
    A time traveler and his A.I. companion. Norman becomes trapped and isolated in the past, jeopardizing life in both the past and the future. He must invent a way back to the future before the world collapses.


If you like time travel movies that ensure continuity and have well-developed rules for how the universe operates you will like this movie. The pacing is excellent, and something that I love with indie films. Box office throwaways cut so fast and set such a fast pace they often forget to take the time to dwell on the scene. Cillizza the composer sets the stage with every scene tying the entire shebang together. The sound design by Jonah never once sticks out, it's a tapestry connecting my ears with the visuals, I never notice how good they are, because I'm immersed in the scene.

I'm going to start out by saying that I am clearly biased. I know the entire cast and crew, I spent my college years with the director and I was around when the original idea was being hatched. I supported the Kickstarter, saw the movie in 2018 for the castcrew launch and final cut before it went to the film festivals and was being worked up for distribution. (I'm even in the movie for one brief moment during the post-apocalyptic scene)

With all that said I could be more proud of the cast and crew and the Guelzo brothers specifically. Nine years is an eternity when this isn't your main job, this is the job that you spent all of your free time and money on for almost a decade and you never took the easy path, always the one of excellence. Hard Work Pays Off

Take a bow, anyone can come up with an idea, that's the easy part, execution of that idea while maintaining your vision is the hard part, and most never achieve it.

Review by coltfreeman from the Internet Movie Database.