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X-Files: Back from the Dead, The

X-Files: Back from the Dead, The (2015) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  Directed by: Kelly McKinney.  •  Starring: Giovanni Roselli, Anita Nicole Brown, Paisley Blackburn, Trish Basinger, Chris Abel, Sharon Nelson, Craig Lemons, Lec Zorn, Marisa Baldwin-Woodhouse, Kelly McKinney, Justin M. Tolliver, Kyle N. Nelson, Anna Ely..
Detective Milo Birkin has a strange case dropped into his lap when a murder is committed in what looks like a zombie attack. Following a number of strange leads, Detective Birkin is eventually accompanied by a local conspiracy theorist who has interesting thoughts on the case at hand. Their investigation into these events lead them to an explanation that could only have one destination for proper filing - The X-Files.


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