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Thrill Seekers, The

Thrill Seekers, The (1999) Movie Poster
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  •  USA  •    •  88m  •    •  Directed by: Mario Azzopardi.  •  Starring: Casper Van Dien, Catherine Bell, Theresa Saldana, Peter Outerbridge, Julian Richings, Lawrence Dane, Catherine Oxenberg, Mimi Kuzyk, James Allodi, Deborah Odell, Martin Sheen, Matthew Bennett, Marc Donato.  •  Music by: Fred Mollin.
       Reporter Tom Merrick stumbles across photos of various disasters - the Hindenburg, Titanic, Hurricane Hugo - all of which feature a mysterious stranger in the background. Merrick's investigation leads him to the Time Shifters, a group of thrill-seekers who travel back in time to witness similar calamities throughout history. Merrick desperately tries to avert future disasters - a plane crash, a subway crash, a bomb in an athletic complex - and protect the lives of his son and ex-wife.


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Image from: Thrill Seekers, The (1999)
Image from: Thrill Seekers, The (1999)
Image from: Thrill Seekers, The (1999)
Image from: Thrill Seekers, The (1999)
Image from: Thrill Seekers, The (1999)
(There are Spoilers) Interesting take on time travel involving this future travel agency that has its clients travel back in time to witness major disasters and at the same time not ultimately become a part, by getting killed, in them.

Tabloid newspaper reporter Tom Merrick, Casper Van Dein, checking out his fellow investigative reporter's Liz Wintern's, Catherine Bell, computer finds this strange paradox in, official at the time news photos, the same person being at the scene of three different disasters, the Titanic the Hindenburg and Hurricane Hugo, within a time span of some ninety years! And on top of all that the mystery man Murray Trevor, Julian Richings, didn't seem to age a day!

You can just imagine what Tom thought when he spotted this same Murray Trevor on his flight from Chicago to Washington D.C! He just knew that something terrible was about to happen and, on a hunch, then prevented it from happening: A major mid-air collision that was to take the lives of over 300 people!

As he soon finds out Tom by preventing the collision from happening change the course of future event that resulted in the destruction, by someone on the plane surviving, of all of Southern California! What's even more shocking is that Tom himself was supposed to have been killed in a major warehouse fire some time ago but it was Trevor, who was there to enjoy the action, who accidentally prevented that from happening!

The film has the head of the future time travel agency Grifasi, Martin Sheen, send two of his clean up employees or goons, in seeing that time marches on unperturbed, Cortez & Felder, Thereas Saldana & Peter Outerbridge, to make sure that Tom doesn't prevent any more major disasters from happening. The theory is, in future knowledge, if they don't happen in the past they'll sure as hell happen in the future! The future that Crifasi Cortez and Felder are living in!

Very hard to follow at times with Tom & Co. going back and forth in time, with this device called the Santza Displacer, preventing as well as trying, in the case of Cortez & Felder, to encourage future deserters to happen all around the city of Chicago. The big pay-off is the forthcoming destruction of the Copps Sports Colosseum that was to cause the death of over 11,000 people. Two of them being Tom's ex-wife Jen, Deborah Odell, and nine year old son Kevin, Marc Donato!

You just got to take things as they come, and not seriously, in "Thrill Seekers" knowing that with everything out of whack, in the time space continuum, you can't expect any logic in what's happening on screen. You do get an eyeful of top flight, for a made for TV movie, action scenes as well as people getting killed and, because of the time travel aspect of the film, coming back to life which more then makes up for the films hooky storyline. You also get an eyeful of actress Catherine Bell who when she lets her hair down and takes off her glasses, as well as puts on a tight fitting sweater, rivals the fiery action scenes, which she's soon to become a part of, in the film.

Review by sol1218 from the Internet Movie Database.