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Z Airando

Z Airando (2015) Movie Poster
Japan  •    •  108m  •    •  Directed by: Hiroshi Shinagawa.  •  Starring: Shô Aikawa, Daigo, Han'nya, Kunihiro Kawashima, Shunsuke Kazama, Yûichi Kimura, Noemi Krapecz, Yôsuke Kubozuka, Daisuke Miyagawa, Erina Mizuno, Hideo Nakano, Hitoshi Ozawa, Red Rice..
     Takashi is an enforcer for yakuza boss Hiroya, but when they're hit by a competing clan all but three of them end up dead. Ten years later he exits prison and reunites with Hiroya who's spent the decade working a blue collar job and raising Takashi's now teenage daughter, Hyugo. Meanwhile, a small nearby island falls victim to a drug and virus-fueled illness that turns the dead into flesh-eating zombies capable of infecting their victims with a bite. When Hyugo and her friend Seira unwittingly run away to the island Takashi follows hoping it's not too late to start acting like a father again.


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Image from: Z Airando (2015)
Alright, well for some obscure reason then the 2015 Japanese movie "Deadman Inferno" (aka "Z airando") had managed to elude me all together right up until 2021 when I happened to stumble upon it by sheer luck. It was particularly odd as I am a huge fan of everything zombie. But as I found it in 2021 I sat down to watch it on the notion that it was a Japanese movie that I hadn't already seen.

And when it dawned on me that it was a zombie movie I had sat down to watch, I must admit that my interest in the movie quickly doubled.

It turned out that writer and director Hiroshi Shinagawa had managed to muster together something of a rather unique concoction. And it was a bland of genres that definitely proved to be interesting.

The storyline in "Deadman Inferno", though the title of the movie doesn't actually make much sense with the inferno part, was actually good. It was a pretty easy to follow plot and storyline, but at the same time, then writer and director Hiroshi Shinagawa had managed to put a lot of different plots and storylines into the mash, and pulled it off nicely, because the movie felt complete and wholehearted.

The special effects in "Deadman Inferno" were rather good. I must admit that I enjoyed the special effects here, and it was good that it wasn't just lousy make-up slapped on the performers, as some zombie movies tend to be. The visuals were satisfying in "Deadman Inferno".

And they had managed to put together an interesting cast of the movie. I wasn't familiar with the actors and actresses on the cast list, but they all did good jobs with their different characters. And that counted for a lot, and helped the movie along quite nicely.

"Deadman Inferno" turned out to be a nice surprise of a movie, and I was genuinely entertained by the story, the characters and the movie as a whole. This reflects in my rating of director Hiroshi Shinagawa's 2015 movie, which lands on a seven out of ten stars.

If you enjoy Asian movies and zombie movies, then this is definitely a movie worth checking out.

Review by paul_haakonsen from the Internet Movie Database.