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9: Nine

9: Nine (2018) Movie Poster
India  •    •  149m  •    •  Directed by: Jenuse Mohammed.  •  Starring: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Wamiqa Gabbi, Alok, Prakash Raj, Mamta Mohandas, Uday Chandra, Tony Luke, Amalda Liz, Adil Ibrahim, Rahul Madhav, Gayathri, Sunny Joseph, Vishal Krishna.  •  Music by: Sekhar Menon, Shaan Rahman.
When forces within and beyond this world conspire to snatch his son away, a father resolves to do whatever it takes to protect him.


For a film that is marketed and promoted as a Sci-fi thriller with elements of horror, 9 may overstep the beliefs that the audience entrusts with the film's crew. 9 is that film that you really want to see succeed and wishes that something excites you in the next frame. Spoiler alert : it never happens.

9's premise and initial themes excited me. It was so damn good. And is yet again a very good example that 9 could have been in safer hands if it had been held and nurtured by a seasoned creative director than Jenuse. I've got nothing against him and i loved his execution of 100DOL, but you cannot entrust such a beautiful theme to a prospect and expect it to flourish. It may have been done before, but here it doesn't seem to lighten up. The film is deep. That is a major plus. But it doesn't present that thoughtfulness to the audience very well. There are instances in the film that questions itself why it's there. And when the film climaxes, you understand why those weird scenes were in the movie and why it mattered. And you understand that the movie forcefully included scenes that doesn't make sense so as to achieve it's ending. That realization is not a pleasant feeling.

The film's major plus is the film's visuals itself. It's one of a kind. I have to say that. The film deserves at least that. The visuals were eye popping and exciting. That itself is an understatement. The low light shots were beautifully handled and it is an example of how Hollywood level technicalities can be recreated in Mollywood too.

I would not go the length and say 9's ending and the so called 'twist' is cliché, but definitely doesn't create the impact that it should've had. The film presents the story quite expertly and it creates a strong impression early on. This was the standard with which the film's ending should've been crafted with. But although the story defcets, 9 keeps a very good pace and allows the viewer to judge the film's story from another perspective.

9's cinematography, it's characters, the exotic locations and the lead actors make it a film worth a strict one time watch. Nothing more. Nothing less.

PS - I know this review might come off as unusual considering the long list of reviews that state this film as excellent. I wanted to make it clear that this is what I could gather from the film and what i think all the general consensus thinks about the film.

Review by CobertNeede from the Internet Movie Database.