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Radio Silence

Radio Silence (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  120m  •  Directed by: Troy Scoughton Sr..  •  Starring: Frank Powers, Michelle Martinez, Gonzalo Robles, J.D. Marmion, Jack Lutz, Stephanie Frias, Angel Herrera, Terry Troutman, Sabine Green, Imry Mendoza, Red Valdez, Johnny Mendoza, Cecil Campbell..
    A select team of U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers are sent on a mission to retrieve pieces of a downed U.S. spy satellite from a remote desert region of northern, Mexico. They are excepting a routine, even boring on a mission, asking only ''on a Sunday, sir?''. What they encounter is the sudden loss of half their team, their Mexican escorts and nearly all of their equipment. They are forced to retreat on foot and spend a long night hiding in a local restaurant trying to understand what they are up against and how to survive with no gear, no support and no time.


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