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Parasite (2019) Movie Poster
Ireland / USA  •    •  14m  •    •  Directed by: Ruairi Robinson.  •  Starring: Kett Turton, Patrick Joseph Byrnes, Kris Edlund, Nigel Brennan, Kevin Fisher, Raffi Elias.  •  Music by: Steve Moore.
No synopsis is available for this movie.


A new sci-fi short from Ruairi Robinson, very good special effects, and some cool casting in former Dr Who companion Coleman. Any wonder it is generating buzz, but what is surprising is just how poor it is.

There is no content here. From the very start we jump into the main character seeing these creatures. There is no real expansion on them, just the lazy idea that they are everywhere and controlling everything. This isn't presented in an intelligent or thoughtful way, just by having creatures in suits, creatures in congress etc. There is nothing to learn here, and the concept could only generously be described as commentary - maybe someone very young will find it deep, but I doubt it. On top of this, the plot leads to a workplace shooting. This is pretty dangerous ground for the film to go to, because it is potentially insensitive, exploitative, and in poor taste, so really it needed to be justified in the narrative, impacting within the film (not just for it reminding us of the real world), and have enough in there to stop us looking out from the film. It doesn't have any of this; it is crassly done, with good effects but nothing to help get over the intense difficulty of the fundamentals of what is happening. It isn't even "horrific" to watch it, because it is so distracting to wonder how they felt it was a good idea. Those who felt The OA got it totally wrong with its season 1 finale should definitely avoid this one.

Really disappointing. Generic, lazy, and in poor taste, with only a few superficial things to recommend it for.

Review by bob the moo from the Internet Movie Database.